TTR Euroworks 4U works for you!

In line with our company slogan “TTR Euroworks works for you!” we introduce TTR Euroworks 4U: ten thermal transfer qualities that works for you. And they are all 100% RECYCLABLE. So 4U is good for you and for a sustainable world. 4U is PRODUCED by TTR EUROWORKS, but as good as other OEM qualities. The TTR Euroworks 4U range consists of the following qualities, six for flat head and four for near edge printers:

Flat head

Wax ribbons
Wax ribbons are an economical way of printing. Low print energy required. Mainly used in applications like retail, shipping and warehousing. Recommended stock coated and uncoated paper, vellum, and certain synthetic papers.

W4U 100Economic WaxDatasheet
W4U 120Super Premium WaxDatasheet

Wax/Resin ribbons
Wax/Resin ribbons require medium printing energy. A higher scratch and smear resistance. Used in applications like automotive, flexible packaging, logistics, retail, RFID shipping signage. Recommended stock coated and uncoated paper and tags. Polyethylene, polypropylene, Tyvek® and many others.

WR4U 200Premium Wax/ResinDatasheet
WR4U 210Economic Wax/ResinDatasheet

Resin ribbons
Resin ribbons require high printing energy. Excellent durability. High resistance to abrasion, chemicals, heat and steam. Recommended stock polyethylene, polypropylene, vinyl, polyester and other high end films.

R4U 300Premium ResinDatasheet

Resin for Textile ribbons
These Premium Textile Resin ribbons are especially designed for the textile care label printing market. Durable printing image resistance against water washing, dry cleaning, stone wash, chemical washing and superior ironing resistance.

RT4U 900Premium Textile ResinDatasheet

Near edge

Our near edge ribbons consists of three qualities, especially suited for high speed applications, available in wax/resin and resin. These ribbons are often used as direct printing, but also suitable for labelprinting.

WR4U 400 NEHigh Speed Wax ResinDatasheet
WR4U 410 NENear Edge Wax ResinDatasheet
R4U 600 NEHigh Speed ResinDatasheet
R4U 610 NEStandard ResinDatasheet

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