CSR by TTR Euroworks BV

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has recently become an important subject in our company. In our opinion each organization and individual have a certain responsibility. We also have this responsibility. Therefore we are practising Corporate Social Responsibility. The principles and guidelines we use to implement our CSR policy are included in the official international guideline ISO 26000.

The start of ISO 26000 within TTR provided us an opportunity to Mvo 1address social issues such as the social involvement of the company.
An organization’s performance in relation to the society in which it operates is very important. On that account is social involvement a significant part of our CSR policy. We want to use ISO 26000
as a tool to make CSR a permanent part of our social entrepreneurship. The actions, in which we participate in the context of our CSR policy, are more detailed described on this website.


TTR wants to contribute to the society because of her social responsibility. Therefore we are looking for partners who also want to fulfil their social responsibility. Our idea is to contribute both knowledge and resources. We think that a well thought-out project supported by several companies is more effective than a single donation of our company. Synergy is what we want!