Outlet Printheads

Outlet Printheads

Welcome to TTR Euroworks OUTLET Printheads. Here you find many OEM printheads for low OUTLET prices. Choose your required printheads by using the drop down menu below! For an overview of all our OUTLET printheads, simply scroll down the list below or use the search function above it. Fill in the contact form, push the SEND button and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

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  • If the printhead you need is not available in our outlet, please let us know the brand, type, product number and quantity, and we send you a quote. Because TTR Euroworks can offer you all the printheads you need!
  • If you need any other thermal transfer products, please let us know what you are looking for and we will show you that TTR Euroworks works for you!

Prices are ex VAT & ex works

PrintheadProduct numberPrice in €
Excellence Pro for Zebra QL320 203 dpiEXZ-QL32045
Excellence Pro for Zebra QLS320 203 dpiTTR-QL320B-203Q45
Zebra Z130R 150 dpi10551M50
Zebra Z4M, Z4M Plus, Z4000, 300 dpiG79057-2M415
Zebra Z4M 300 dpiG79082M50
Zebra T300 203 dpi14500M50
Zebra LP2242105905-00750
Zebra Encore 2 203 dpiAT13293-150
Zebra 9210105925-00150
Zebra 2684 (Strata) 203 dpi105911-00350
Valentin Genio 104 NP37.04.10450
Valentin Genio 104 N37.04.10550
TTP-343 300 dpi98-0270032-00LF130
TEC CB-416 MagentaFMBD003010150
TEC B-442 203 dpiFMYH0012901100
Sato MB200GH900041A85
Sato M8400/8400S, 6 DOTGH000401A230
Rohm 200 dpiKM1903-A2100
Rohm 200 dpiKF2002-GD10A70
NCR 7167 / 7197TTR-NCR71XX-203Q25
Mectec TT150, M200, T60 oldMT13867-16008400
Italora 53 mmTTR-ITALORA-203120
Intermec PF8t 300 dpi024-007006-03060
Intermec EasyCoder C4, 300 dpi1-092121-9085
Intermec Cmplt Printh Assy, 203 dpi PF8024-007007-02055
IER 506B, 200dpiS46700A155
Evolis Pebble 4 met bracket752499 S5151350
Espera esd504/104/544 Moses II 8 DOT (7000)560071565
Delford 8100, 8120, 8160, 9100, 9120, 91601592267730
Delford 8060, 90601591275695
Delford 7000, 8000, 8 DOT1520820730
Datamax ST-3306, SV-3306 20-2178-01215
Datamax Prodigy 203 dpi22003550
Datamax MAX 308 XL, ALEGRO 3, 203 dpi20-2167-01365
Datamax Allegro 1, Allegro 2, DMX-400, Prodigy Plus, 150 dpi220038260
CAB A3-2, Typ 2203, 203 dpi5948641160
Bizerba GS SerieTTR-BIZ-203Q250
Avery TTX 550, 300 dpi, KST-101-12MPJ4-AV98038340
Avery TTX 350/TTK/Ocelot/Texxtile, 203 dpiA0417220
Avery Tiger XXL, TTX1050, 300 dpi996561055