Outlet Ribbons

Outlet Ribbons

Welcome to TTR Euroworks OUTLET Ribbons. Here you find many OEM ribbons for low OUTLET prices. Choose your required ribbons by using the drop down menu below! For an overview of all our OUTLET ribbons, simply scroll down the list below or use the search function above it. Fill in the contact form, push the SEND button and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

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  • If the ribbon you need is not available in our outlet, please let us know the brand, type, product number and quantity, and we send you a quote. Because TTR Euroworks can offer you all the ribbons you need!
  • If you need any other thermal transfer products, please let us know what you are looking for and we will show you that TTR Euroworks works for you!

Prices are ex VAT & ex works

RibbonProduct numberPrice in €
ARMOR AXR 7+ 30mm x 450m CSOAXR7+ 30MMX450M4
ARMOR APR 600 55mm x 450m CSIT16739ZA3
ARMOR APR 600 55mm x 450m CSIT16739ZA10
ARMOR AXR 7+ 50mm x 360m CSIT14647ZA6
ARMOR APR 6 70mm x 300m CSO DualCore + NotchesTS7708ZA3
ARMOR APR 6 70mm x 300m CSOT42515ZA3
ARMOR APR 6 70mm x 300m CSOT49561ZA16
ARMOR AXR 600 160mm x 600m CSIT48598EZ32
ARMOR AWR 470 104mm x 450m CSOT11974ZA5
ARMOR AXR 600 55mm x 600m CSOT48495EZ16
ARMOR APR 600 112mm x 600m CSOT15460EZ12
ARMOR AXR 7+ 30mm x 300m CSOAXR7+ 30MM X 300M3
ARMOR APR 600 110mm x 300m DualCore CSOT14884ZA4
ARMOR APR 600 Wax/Resin 110mm x 450m CSOT24466ZA6
ARMOR APR 600 220mm x 300m CSOT14942EZ9
ARMOR APR 6 80mm x 450m CSIAPR6080450CSI6
ARMOR APR 6 Wax/Resin 80mm x 450m CSIT14942EZ6
ARMOR APR 600 Premium Wax-Resin Near Edge 80mm x 600m CSIT14983EZ6
ARMOR APR 6 104mm x 300m CSIARMOR APR.64
ARMOR APR 600 170mm x 300m CSOT52021EZ7
Toshiba TEC Original B-SV4T AW3 110mm x 300m B4430110AW30104
Toshiba TEC Original AW3 120mm x 300m B-852B8530120AW30056
Toshiba TEC Original AS-1 134mm x 600mBX760134AS147
Toshiba TEC Original B-SX4 A-S1 68mm x 600mBX760068AS117
Toshiba TEC Original CB-416 Yellow 109mm x 300mCBX30109FG2PYE15
Toshiba TEC Original CB-416 Magenta 109mm x 300mCBX30109FG2PMA15
Toshiba TEC Original AS-1 114mm x 600m BX760114AS140
Toshiba TEC Original B-SX4 A-S1 89mm x 600mBX760089AS126
Toshiba TEC Original B-452 AW3 110mm x 300mB4530110AW35
Toshiba TEC Original CB-416 Cyan 109mm x 300mCBX30109FG2PCY15
Toshiba TEC Original B-SV4T AW1 110mm x 300mB4430110AW15
Toshiba TEC Original AW3 76mm x 450m CSOBSA45076AW35
Toshiba TEC Original A-G3 Wax/resin 110mm x 300m B4430110AG310
Toshiba TEC Original B-SX4/55mm x 600mBX760055AG27
Toshiba TEC Original Smearless Wax Resin 115mm x 300m RG-2BX730115RG223
Toshiba TEC Original B-SX4 S-G2 114,3mm x 600mBX760114SG215
Toshiba TEC Original AG2 176mm x 300mBX730176AG211
Toshiba TEC Original B-SX4 A-G2 102mm x 600mBX760102AG214
Toshiba TEC Original AG2 176mm x 300mBX730176AG211
DNP 4085+ 152mm x 450m OutsideP-000129816