Slitting Machines

Slitting Machines

As an addition to our package we added slitting machines to our assortment. Not only our own TTR Slitting Machines, but we also supply Faes, Ihle and Delish Slitting Machines. Check the TTR Euroworks BV channel on YouTube for some Slitting Machines in action.

Basically these machines are made to start up a slitting operation on an efficient and easy way. The return on investment point is lower than you would expect! Please ask us for a FREE Return On Investment Quotation based on your current situation!


ttr 1600 hybrid

Slitting machine for both Thermal Transfer Ribbons and also Graphic Hot and coldfoils.

Watch a quick demo of the TTR 1600 on YouTube.

TTR 1000

ttr 1000

The perfect user friendly machine for slitting jumbo rolls to finished ribbons. Based and build on the specs of 18 years slitting experiences. We have the pleasure highlighting some unique features of the machine.

TTR 500

ttr 500

TTR 330

ttr 330

Easy to handle small slitting machine for converting small master rolls to finished rolls. Also suitable to rewind and or repair your “old stock”. A must have for every stock holding company.


Are you interested in this Dusenburry slitting machine? It’s free to take over, as long as you take the shipping costs in account. Ask for further details and conditions.