The TTR EuroWorks 4U product range works for you!

In line with our new slogan we introduce TTR Euroworks 4U: our new product range of 8 different thermal transfer qualities that work for you! Our new range consists of the following 8 products:

W4U 100 Economic Wax
Unbeatable economical printing without making concessions to quality and printing performances.

W4U 110 Premium Wax
Versatile High Performance, Resin-Enhanced Wax. Prints on a wide range of Tag and Label stocks.

W4U 120 Super Premium Wax
The super premium resin-enhanced wax covers a wide variety of label stocks and is unique when it comes to edge definition for crisp, rotated bar-codes and deep black, durable images. Where other Waxes fail, W4U 120 does the job.

WR4U 200 Premium Wax/Resin
Premium Wax/Resin is a highly sensitive premium wax/resin and delivers exceptional print quality and abrasion resistance on a broad range of substrates including rough and smooth surfaces.

R4U 300 Premium Resin
Premium Resin combines quality, competitiveness and performance. The super flexibility of this Formulation makes it suitable for chemical environments and other high-end applications that require permanent images.

RT4U 900 Premium Textile Resin
Premium Textile Resin is specially designed for the Textile Care Label Printing Market. Durable printing image resistance against water washing, dry cleaning, stone wash, chemical washing and superior ironing resistance.

WR4U 400 NE High Speed Wax/Resin
High Speed Wax/Resin is the premium formulation for Near/Corner Edge printers (Flex Pack Industry). Its performance (speed, sensitivity, versatility, blackness) provides a perfectly adapted answer to a large majority of applications.

R4U 600 NE High speed Resin
High speed resin is a high performance resin ribbon for corner/near edge printers (Flex Pack Industry), designed for the most demanding applications regarding resistance to mechanical aggressions and/or temperature and/or solvents..