TTR Delivery System

TTR Delivery System for you!

Of course you want your thermal transfer ribbons as fast as possible. But above that, you want to know exactly when your order is shipped. That’s why we’ve introduced the “TTR Euroworks Delivery System for you!” It’s called DS, which stands for both ‘Delivery System’ and ‘Days Shipment’ = within how many days your order will be shipped.

We have devided our range of thermal trans ribbons into three categories: 1 DS (= One Day Shipment). 5 DS (= Five Days Shipment) and 15 DS (= Fifteen Days Shipment). To have an overview of our 1 DS and 5 DS thermal transfer ribbons, see the tables below. If the ribbon you search is not listed below, it automatically falls under our 15 DS category.

Let TTR Euroworks DS work for you! Mail to for more info or to place your order.

Ribbon QualityRibbon widthRibbon lengthCoating sideSpecial commentsDelivery speed
Wax110mm300 meterCSI/CSO1DS
Wax110mm450 meterCSI/CSO1DS
Resin110mm300 meterCSI/CSO1DS
Resin110mm450 meterCSI/CSO1DS
Wax-Resin110mm300 meterCSI/CSO1DS
Wax-Resin110mm450 meterCSI/CSO1DS
WR Near-edge55mm600 meterCSI/CSOsingle cardboard core1DS
WR Near-edge110mm600 meterCSI/CSOsingle cardboard core1DS
WR Near-edge55mm600 meterCSI/CSOplastic core duo1DS
WR Near-edge110mm600 meterCSI/CSOplastic core duo1DS

ProductDescriptionPrice in €
Argox CP-2140Desktop label printer. With Cutter. Ideal label printer for many applications.€ 225 p.u.; € 2.000 per 10 units

TTR wants to contribute to the society because of her social responsibility. Therefore we are looking for partners who also want to fulfil their social responsibility. Our idea is to contribute both knowledge and resources. We think that a well thought-out project supported by several companies is more effective than a single donation of our company. Synergy is what we want!